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Become the musE

of your own life

Discover what you truly want and need to confidently unfurl into your next chapter.


By opening the channel of communication between your body and mind so that life starts coming alive again.

Hello, body is my free, three-part audio series to help you begin a deep and rich conversation between mind and body for greater coherence, congruence and capacity – capabilities that will serve you for the rest of your life. 

Each 15-minute (ish) episode will invite you to experience and experiment with one embodiment practice.

By fostering a deeper connection with our body, somatic awareness and related imaginal work invite is to fully inhabit our own Selves – as a means toward physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

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You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.


Dive in,

Unfurl Session: Gain clarity on next steps, move stagnant or untended energy, and shift your  state from stuck and overwhelm back into vibrant possibility.

Cove | Conjure: As deep as it gets.  Longer-term, one-on-one, somatically-informed mentorship  to help you explore and expand your purpose and vision as you unfurl boldly in the direction of your dream life, idea, or business.

Invite me into your group coaching or community container to facilitate a somatic writing workshop or gentle movement practice to help your clients build embodied intelligence. 

Looking for marketing, PR or personal branding support? Get the benefit of a Marketing/PR Director in a freelance capacity! Book a discovery call to explore how I can step in and help you solve your marketing, visibility and resourcing challenges.




I'm crosby

Like you, I’ve played a host of roles and danced with many different identities in my life. And I’ve discovered that no matter where my curiosity (or circumstance) takes me, I feel most capable of bringing the visions I have for my life and the world-at-large to fruition when I am deeply connected and committed to listening for and operating from a deep trust in my own inner guidance.

This is when my life feels most like mine. 

Of course, women who are connected to personal power in this way are deeply unsettling to those powers that be who rely on our disconnection (from ourselves, from one another) to keep the machinations of patriarchy in place.

What a lie.

It’s no wonder we so often feel shut down and shut out of where we want to be and how we want to feel. 

And yet, don’t you hear it? The voice calling you back to yourself? 

No matter where you’re at — I’ll help you learn how to chart a new course and make some waves — by asking the right questions, providing you with powerful, somatic tools for inquiry, getting you back on speaking terms with your body-soul, and reflecting back all that I see — there is so much here for you to build, to create, to experience, to explore.

It’s time to unfurl.

When we cultivate freedom, real freedom, we also cultivate our ability to commit to what matters most."

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