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What it's like to work with me

I will come alongside you as you reimagine your life and assist you in exploring, reconnecting, and re-remembering the truth of who you are.

Together we will uncover your ways of knowing and of being. You will name, give voice, and shape to the tendrils of desire that are wholly yours.

I will remind you of your creativity and magic, and together will explore to the impulses, nudges, and ideas you have. We will bring your next chapter into focus and form.

As we do this, you will likely notice a shift in how it feels to BE you.   

We might bring something existence, we may find our way to the bonfire and toss in what no longer fits.

Most of the time we will talk a little, move a little, and be moved by what we notice is here for you in each moment.

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Book an Unfurl Session when:

Your next steps are tangled, you feel pulled in multiple directions and possibilities and need someone to please, kindly, help move you out of overwhelm into action (I’m your acting activator + expander with strategy in spades!).

You know been sitting on these ideas/decisions for far too long and are clear it’s time to stop passively waiting for the lightning strike (you + me = the whole storm).

This is a great option to start with – from here we can determine if there is a mutual, longer-term fi!





If the idea of having a Director of Marketing or CMO on your team is an OMG YES!, but your current growth phase isn’t quite ready for a full-time commitment, consider bringing me in as a freelance partner for strategy, team management, and implementation oversight. With a co-leader approach, I’ll step in with organic marketing/content strategy to ensure your brand positioning and growth efforts land with your target customers while maintaining a manageable pace for you and your team.





The Cove is my new, flexible-for-you mentorship​ program:


Our work is about:

You, back in the center of your life.

You, more resourced and connected,

A part of it all



Your life, wholly yours.



Disclaimer: I offer this work as a student of somatics, operating as both a guide and facilitator, informed by the modalities I have studied and practiced through my own process and work with clients. While I am trauma-aware, I am not a therapist or otherwise trained mental health professional. All body-brains are different and our needs and experiences change from moment to moment. I will do my best to offer suggestions and plenty of spaciousness to explore your own relationship to this work. And, you are ultimately responsible for your own experience and ensuring proper care throughout any movement, talk-based or hybrid session I may facilitate. 

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