227+ Songs for Your Embodiment Practice (& Counting)

I’ve been making “playlists” since the days of pressing record when the radio DJ finally stops talking. Pressing pause at the exact right second before the commercial break. Mixtapes, mix CDs, and of course, more recently, Spotify playlists, sent and received, have been my companions, architecting moments around certain sounds, certain lyrics. This is way of it.

As part of my Empty Out Teacher Certification, I had to lead a short movement sequence, which led me to start compiling songs that would catch my attention as good EO-style songs.

I continuted to add to this playlist, starting a practice of putting it on shuffle and doing my personal practice to whatever 3 songs popped up (that’s usually the amount of time I have, 3 songs worth — it doesn’t take much more for a total reset, a coming home).

You might give that a try.

I’d love to know if you discover any new favorites, and what songs you love to dance or move along with!

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